Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 47

Sorry for the late post this week...
man we are almost to the Week 48 posting day!

Let  me see here, what happened almost 2 weeks ago!

Oh yeah, Matilda got some new shoes!!
She's started wearing sneakers to daycare.
I figured it would help her get her balance,
and maybe prevent anymore black eyes from occurring.
But wait, she's already outgrown them? WHAT?

In other news, we hired a 'pinch hitter',
as Brian likes to call him,
to come finish off the bathroom tile.
I use the word 'finish' loosely,
since there's still grouting to be done.
To be continued...

And speaking of bathrooms, I'm throwing this photo in, 
just cause I think it's cute!

And the fence work continued as well...
the posts along the front are in!
More on that in Week 48!!

 And the biggest news of the week...
Matilda moved up to a new car seat!
She's still facing backwards,
but no more being cramped in that infant carrier!

You can tell she really took to it,
with the first ride!

And we have a new favorite toy
(which Onnie gave her before she was even born),
but she likes to bury her face in this little Ikea puppy.

We spent some time playing at Brittlebank Park
after work one day, and you loved the swing!

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