Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 48

Mommy started your 48th week
with 2 nights out in a row (thanks, Daddy!).
Wednesday night there was an architectural lecture through the AIA/CAC.C,
and Thursday we had our company photo shoot for our holiday card,
and the whole office went out for happy hour!

The Cocktail Club

And by the end of all that, it was the weekend!
Woot, woot!

We started Saturday off with lunch at
the Charleston Fall Greek Festival.
Yummy gyros, Greek potatoes,and fun people watching!

And then it was time for football.
The Clemson and Georgia games were on at the same time,
so there was a lot of picture-in-picture action going on.

Sunday was a work day,
and Daddy finished the fence!
Our side yard has a little privacy now!
Of course, I want to spring into action,
buying string lights, a fire pit, and some outdoor furniture,
but as soon as I decided it was 
high-time to spend some quality time outdoors,
the weather went and got cold!

We covered a lot of your latest milestones in the Month 11 post,
but for the most part, you are just chugging along.

I fear that our early bedtimes may be going by the wayside,
if last night is any indication of what's to come.
You were up til 10:15 last night,
and the ladies at daycare this morning 
said that's part of growing up!
Oh no, please don't grow up, if that's the case. 
I've come to enjoy your 8:30 bedtime.

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