Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 49

Seems that I'm becoming more and more slack as this year progresses,
or I'm just super-busy (depending on how you want to look at it)!
Either way, we have some catching up to do!

I believe I've mentioned this before, 
but I am terrified that you are going to choke on EVERYTHING.
Therefore, this becomes a problem when it comes to trying new foods,
for fear that you won't know how to chew/swallow/etc.
So when I dropped you off at school on Friday morning,
there were waffles for the kids (whose parents give them food),
and I casually mentioned to Ms Rebecca that she could feed you real food 
if she wanted to. And this made her SO happy. 
She couldn't wait to introduce you to food!
And I was relieved because if you get used to eating food with her, 
then you'll already know what to do when I give it to you!

Ok, an already long story, but I'll try to sum it up.
You had waffles! Yay! Real food. 
And then a few days later, 
we gave you scrambled eggs & biscuit for breakfast!
And you loved it!

Slowly I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the idea. 
I guess this is all training for your 'smash cake',
since your first birthday is coming up, and you have to have cake! 

In other news, the renter moved out of my condo, 
but we found another tenant within a few weeks of his departure!
Before he moved out, he hired professional cleaners to come in, 
so that was taken care of thankfully!
But, there was still painting to be done, 
as well as minor fixes around the unit, typical wear & tear.
So the better part of Saturday was spent doing that, 
and you were a trooper!

On Sunday, we were supposed to have professional photos done 
to commemorate  your upcoming first birthday, 
but 5pm (which was the suggestion of the photographer)
did not coincide very well with your nap schedule,
so we've rescheduled for a morning appointment in the near future.
But because you were already dressed up, I tried my hand at a few photos of my own...
and this one turned out pretty cute!

We've had some work going on around the house the last couple of weeks!
And I can't wait to share the photos!

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