Thursday, November 7, 2013

Month 12

Happy FIRST birthday!

I can't believe I'm the mother of a one-year old!
It's so exciting and sad, at the same time!

You had your 12-month well check,
and everything was great.
Here are your current stats:
weight: 22 lbs 4 oz (75%)
height: 30.5 in (90%)
head circumference: 18 in (75%)

You also had to have 3 shots sweet girl.
My least favorite thing EVER.
I hate seeing you scream with such fear.
You did well though, and it wasn't long before you were your happy self again.
Afterwards, the three of us went to lunch,
and you had some of our chicken and cornbread.
We're working on the whole table food thing!

As for the rest of your life right now,
you still aren't walking, you are holding steady at 2 teeth, 
and baby food is still pretty much your jam (temporarily though).

But a few things that you DO know how to do,
and are apparently pretty big milestones are
eating with your fingers, helping me get you dressed/undressed,
and turning the pages of the books we read.

There have been a few changes in your personality here recently,
most importantly a "mommy craze". You seem very upset when I'm out of your sight.
And just in the past few days, you've had some
separation anxiety when I drop you off at daycare.
It's also not as easy to go on long trips anymore.
You get fidgety around the 1 hour mark,
which doesn't bode well for our 3-4 hours we are typically in the car.

One of your birthday presents,
with help from Onnie & Papa Gene
and Ronni & Papa Charlie, and yours truly (mom & dad),
was a new tablet to try to distract you on those long trips.
Don't worry, we aren't handing our one-year old a new tablet!
It will be secured to the headrest, and act as a portable movie player.
We'll be testing it out in the very near future.

Another gift that we are excited about is a bicycle seat!
It sits on the front of the bike (behind the handlebars),
and we'll be trying it out as soon as we get you a helmet!
For now, daddy will just take you on trips around the house...

No change to our evening routine either, it's still dinner, 
a walk (although not in the recent cold/dark evenings),
and bath, nightly bedtime story, bottle, bed.
Sometimes it's very easy, and you fall asleep drinking that last bottle,
other times it's not so easy and you are swinging from the furniture.

 Food:  Same as last month...
You have a bottle first thing in the morning,
and you still get 3 bottles (5 oz ea) at daycare...
as well as food for breakfast and lunch!
Dinner in the evenings, usually meat and some sort of veggies or fruit,
and another bottle before bed.
You eat Cheerios and you LOVE Gerber Puffs (sweet potato),
 and you really like water.

However, after your 12-month well-check, this is ALL about to change.
I'm so overwhelmed with all the changes that are about to occur!

Sleep: Again, not much has changed (thank goodness)...
You are sleeping through the night... typically from 8:30pm to 6:30am.
I hope this stays this way for a LONG time!

Clothing size: 12-month clothes, and some 12-18 month/18 month.
Most of what you have worn your whole life has been hand-me-downs!
Toys: For your birthday, you got lots of new toys!
Some favorites are the Hape wood blocks, a stuffed giraffe,
a fishing game, and from our secret cousin from our online baby board
a Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino!

New tricks include: 
Walking along the walls/furniture/anything you can get your hands on.
Banging on the dryer, while dancing to your own beat.
Rummaging through your diaper bag to find the treats
that you then promptly bring to me to open for you.

Book of the Month:  
Well you got two new books for your birthday as well, 
so I'm sure we'll be reading those nightly for a while.

The first is The Line by Paula Bossio
(thanks Sanchez's!)

And the other was from Onnie called Frog Trouble by Sandra Boynton,
the beauty of this one is that it comes with a cd of the 12 country songs that the book is composed of.
All sung by various singers such as Alison Krauss, Darius Rucker, Ryan Adams, etc.

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