Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Music Archiva[tion]

A year in review. The music of 2013.

March 2
Shovels & Rope at the Charleston Music Hall
This was our first time hiring a babysitter, and going out after Matilda was born!

May 4
Dawes & Bob Dylan at the Daniel Island Tennis Center

June 5
Jason Isbell at The Pour House
Brian went solo to this one...

June 12
Flaming Lips/Black Keys at the Charter Amphitheater at Heritage Park in Simpsonville
Brian and I went with Allison & Brad, in the pouring down rain.

September 27
Cane Creek String Band at the Pour House deck

October 19-20
Southern Ground Music Festival at Blackbaud Stadium 
won tickets on the radio! 105.5 The Bridge, 5th caller. Brian, Matilda, and I all went to the festival (both days),
she did great! The highlights were: Dawes, Trombone Shorty, Fitz & the Tantrums on Saturday, and then
The Head & the Heart, Willie Nelson, Band of Horses on Sunday.

December 14
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion at Circular Congregational Church
The timing of the event was pretty cool, since the last time we saw these two was the night
we got engaged (2/13/09), and they came back to play on the weekend of our 4th wedding
anniversary (12/12/13). We had beer and wings at the Husk Bar before heading over for the main event!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Month 13, finally!

So it's been (more than) a whole month since Matilda's first birthday,
and prior to that, we had gone a whole year... 52 weeks,
one blog post at a time, sometimes two per week,
that I told you every little thing you could possibly want to know
 about our sweet little girl’s life.

And it was hard keeping it up, writing all those posts.
There were weeks when nothing happened (yeah right).
And weeks that so much happened, we were spilling into multiple posts!
So all of this is to say that although I didn't continue the weekly recap,
this my friend's is our monthly post!

So here we go… 
there’s been so much happening these past few weeks,
that I just have to share!
I'm not promising that we'll continue this forever, 
but if we have relevant things to share, then why not?

Matilda has been waiting to share with you that she got a helmet
to go along with that bike seat she got for her birthday!

Although she still hasn't gotten to test it out, 
since there's been such a dip in the temps lately!

Here are some highlights of the past month...

She's started drinking whole milk, for the most part.
(We started with half formula/half milk at first, then slowly 
weaned it down, and currently we are at 1 oz formula/4 oz of milk)
She's still getting used to "real food", so until she's built up her appetite,
I think it's important to keep the vitamins and nutrients she's getting in the formula.
Plus, the milk's a little hard on her digestive system!

Here's the funny thing, 
at daycare they are really pushing for her to drink out of a sippy cup,
which she's been doing since about 9 months old (at home).
But, she has only ever had water out of it.
When we put milk in it, she refused. 
We were basically starting at square one. 
And then she stopped drinking water out of it!
But I'm happy to report that she IS drinking out of a sippy cup again!
Yay for small victories!
All this to say that we are finally phasing out the bottle,
although she still has one in the morning and one before bed.

As for food, we are trying to give her more of what we eat.
chicken, beans, rice, etc. She definitely likes to eat!
I still fear the choking, but the more she eats, the more comfortable I become.
She is addicted to puffs though (and Cheerios).

She's still not walking on her own,
but she loves to hold your fingers while you walk along with her.
Or hold on to walls, furniture, etc. In due time, I guess.

Early in the month, we all had nasty colds here and there.
She was running a fever (100-102), and very snotty, and coughing.
She's the sweetest cuddle bug when she's sick.
She just nuzzles right into you, but wants to be held all. the. time.

It was actually kind of nice to be home with her for a few days,
but it's the first time I've been sick AND a mom to someone who is sick.
There's no curling up in bed to sleep it off, 
when you've got someone else who needs you.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving in Spartanburg,
decorated our house for the holidays,
went to the Charleston Christmas Parade,
and are just all around enjoying our 1-year old!

New favorite thing:
pointing at EVERYTHING!

Up next, our anniversary weekend in Asheville!
If you follow us on Instagram, don't even bother checking in!