Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Month 14

Dear girl, where did you go?
You are a different kid, and it seemed to happen overnight!
You've become a connoisseur of sorts, 
picking and choosing what you like and don't like to eat.
Sweeping food off your highchair tray when you've had enough.
You throw full-on tantrums on the floor, kicking and screaming!
You have developed a personality, my love.
And I love it (most of the time)!

It scares me, 
but I love it!

Not to mention exploring places you wouldn't normally go...

Now on to the past month...

Granddaddy brought you this kangaroo back from his travels to Australia.
We've named it Joey, after a character in one of your favorite books... Pouch!

Christmas was a whirlwind week of travel,
and surprisingly you did great!
We kept you on schedule for the most part,
and sleep didn't seem to be affected.
Between Monroe, Spartanburg, and Santee,
it seemed there was sickness everywhere we went,
but we managed to avoid it for the most part
(except for daddy, who had a cold most of the time,
and then I had some kind of stomach bug on the day we returned home).

While in Monroe, we were able to sneak down to Atlanta for an afternoon
to spend some time with your Great-Great-Aunt Stella (and her dear friend Jean).

The holidays were certainly fun, and I know they will only get better the older you get!
Someone said it best... that for a month we tell you 'no' in regards to messing with the gifts
under the tree, and then all of a sudden we don't understand
when you won't rip into them when you are supposed to!
It must be so confusing sweet girl!
You were showered with toys, clothes, shoes, and books from all the family,
and Santa was very good to you as well, with the major gift being your Wheely Bug mouse.

New Year's was quiet,
and we rang in the new year with the Johnston's,
watching the Duke/Texas A&M game,
followed by the ball drop.
You and Carter were asleep well before midnight,
but it was great catching up with old friends,
and we all agreed to see more of one another in 2014!

And now for some other developments over the last month...
We have finally ditched the formula altogether,
straight milk it is!
And for the most part it's out of a sippy cup,
although you still have a bedtime bottle.
Food is rather random, you occasionally still eat Stage 3 baby foods,
but you love pouches, puffs, cheerios, yogurt,
and just about anything 'real' we put in front of you (usually).
You love carbs! And had your first mac & cheese just after Christmas.
Eggs & biscuits, tacos, beans, peas, etc are all faves.

You had mac & cheese for the first time on the day after Christmas!

You still aren't walking without assistance,
but you are starting to climb on things more,
and you are curious and exploring all the rooms in the house,
opening every cabinet (we'll be latching them this week).
We devoted one cabinet in the kitchen to you, stocking it with plastic cups,
plastic pitchers, and tupperware, all things you can't break!
You'll sit there forever, pulling every last thing out,
and stacking to your hearts content.

'No' seems to be a joke to you,
since you laugh every time I say it.
And your new form of communication is hitting.
Hopefully this is a phase that won't last long.

On a positive note, you are starting to enjoy the bath more again,
and the hardest part is trying to get you out.

You went on your first bike ride,
and you LOVED it! You smiled the whole time!

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