Friday, February 7, 2014

Month 15

Happy 15-months!
Or as your daddy said this morning... year and a quarter!

Things are starting to run together these days,
and I can't really keep up with when you started to do something, 
since one thing seems to evolve into another, 
but just know that this is 'about' the time that you started to (fill in blank here).

Like when I point to a photo of say 7 people
and say "where's Onnie?", you'll point to Onnie.

One inherited trait (from me no doubt) is that you laugh if someone gets hurt.
For me it's more of a nervous reaction, but for you there seems to be pure joy.
Maybe this is why cartoons always use torture to entertain
because kids don't know that a giant anvil falling on your head would actually kill you. 
My point is that if we say "ow...", you laugh and laugh.
Your daddy of course plays into this with games like
'hit the head with a door', or 'slap himself in the face', or 'run into a wall',
and you literally fall down laughing.

 The last month has been somewhat rough with teething really starting to kick in.
You even had a fever for a few days, mixed with some sleeplessness,
that in the end we could only attribute to teething,
or possibly a head-cold (that was also probably due to teething).
As for teeth, you have 4 now, all on the bottom!
It looks as if your lateral incisors are coming in up top,
but not your central incisors?

And a milestone that EVERYONE seems to be curious about...
"Is she walking yet?"
Well, she was.
I have it on video and everything!
And then, no. You just stopped.
But for now, I'm content that you still want to hold my hand,
so you just take your sweet time, my girl!

You also had your first Snow Day!
Yep, your school was closed due to ice.
We didn't even attempt to get photos though
because there was absolutely nothing pretty to look at in our yard.

Oh, and something to make my sister happy,
there is lots of bow-wearing going on!
Hair seems out of control, so have to tame it somehow!

UPDATE: You had your 15-month well-check, and your stats are as follows...
24lbs 4oz (which is the 70th percentile), and height at 33in (95th percentile!), and head circumference of 18.5in (80th percentile)... you are tall, for sure! 

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  1. I love that radiant smile! Her whole face just lights up when you smiles. I also really like the bow...