Friday, March 7, 2014

Month 16

Happy 16-months!
And a very happy 5th birthday to Ellie!
We celebrated last weekend at her "Frozen" party!
At "Pump It Up", a very cool jumping/climbing/sliding place.

And Daddy's birthday is tomorrow, so happy birthday to him!
And a happy birthday to Aunt KK as well!
Sheesh... that's a lot of celebrating!

We also celebrated Papa's Retirement, Valentine's Day,
 and Mardi Gras since the last post!

We've taken two road trips... one to Monroe and one to Spartanburg,
where you channeled the drummer from Poison...

chilled out in a miniature recliner...

and took a spin in your old bouncy seat...

We also had a visit from Onnie!

Daddy and I had a Parent's Night Out, thanks to daycare,
and we went to Bowen's Island for some delicious oysters.

Hallelujah, Matilda's walking!
It finally happened on a recent trip to Georgia,
being around all your big cousins got you motivated, I guess!
You are definitely on the move, and there's no more crawling.

You are growing up my girl!
Drinking strictly out of sippy cups now,
no more bottles.

Now my concern shifts to talking.
You've started saying a few more things here and there.
"more" and "uh oh" are still your favorite words,
but there are others thrown into the mix, like
"kitty", "deer", "duck", along with your usual "guh"...
which can mean anything from girl to yogurt.

Also, when you eat, you'll sometimes do this
funny little "oh well/all gone" move after each bite...

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