Friday, March 28, 2014


Another new update to the house!

On a recent visit to Charleston, Brian's dad brought us a china cabinet that was 'leftover' from the furniture store. We were thrilled to take it off his hands!

The funny thing is that it looks very similar to our master bedroom furniture, although it's not the same manufacturer oddly enough. I couldn't wait to fill it with our inherited fine china, as well as a few other pieces that we are happy to have on display! The storage below is much-needed also.

Even though it fits perfectly on one wall of the room, it did require some rearranging of the rest of the space! We lived with it for a few days as is, but then in an effort to improve the flow through the room, we tried rotating the table, chairs, and rug by 90 degrees.

Once the table was rotated, it seemed there were still some problem areas, so we shifted the glass cabinet to the opposite wall of it's corner.

Then we had to find a new home base for the highchair, which displaced one of the Risom chairs to the bedroom!

The room still feels a little off-balance to me, but it would require finding a new piece of furniture for the dining room, which we don't have the money or energy for at the moment.

For reference, here's a shot of the room before... 

And way back when the wall was still there...

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