Monday, April 7, 2014

Month 17 (post-dated 2 weeks late!)

Happy 17-months!

So, while you aren't saying a whole lot of words yet,
here's something kinda cool... you know sign language!
Well, you know one word, which happens to be 
one of the only words you actually know how to verbalize as well. 
MORE. Yes, you say and sign "more" at the same time. 
For emphasis, I guess! 

Although I swear you also say 'thank you'. 
But it sounds more like 'ainh ooh'. 
Regardless, I always say 'your welcome'... just in case! 

You'll also shake your head 'yes' or 'no' depending on your answer for things, 
which is also a recent development. And of course, there's lots of pointing. 

And you love giving hugs! 
You'll come running across the room and throw your arms around my leg, 
and then you'll run to daddy, and throw your arms around his leg, 
and back and forth, so sweet! 

 You are also wild.
I say this because it seems like it's only been the past week,
that you've been crazy wild.
If you are doing something wrong
(like hanging on a delicate table that holds a lamp & photos)
and I say "no!", you'll look at me and laugh.

And this past weekend (which happened to be my birthday),
you managed to fall several times head first onto the floor,
leaving you with a big fat goose egg on your forehead.
You also scared me to death by falling on the concrete driveway,
while trying to give our family good-bye hugs.
You busted your lip open on that one,
and I wasn't sure you'd ever stop bleeding.
Poor girl, you looked like you had been in quite the fight.

But you've survived, a little bruised, but happy!

Other things that happened this month...
Daddy and I went to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 
at the Charleston Music Hall.

We went to the first Charleston Battery game of the season!

We auditioned for the Family Feud while they were in Charleston. 
We won't know if we made it for a few more weeks now. 

As for my birthday, we traveled up to Tryon, NC 
on Saturday night for my bday dinner at CARO-Mi!
So fun!

And mom made a delicious carrot cake!

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