Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Month 18

Happy 18-months!
Once again, I'm a little late on posting,
but I wanted to get your 18-month well-check done before writing,
so that I could share all your stats!

So without further ado,
the appointment went well.
You are weighing in at 25.5 lbs (70%),
you are 33-3/4" tall (90%),
and your head circumference is 19" (80%).
Proportionate and perfect!
Although you aren't talking a whole lot, you are jabbering more than usual!
You are also in a phase where you'll repeat what we say, which is so cool,
since we get to hear you say all sorts of words!
Other than that, your typical words include:
mama, dada, more, milk, bird, kitty, nose, thank you, all done, and moon.
If we say where are your/my... eyes, ears, mouth, hair, nose, tummy, feet, toes,
you'll point to them.

You are running all over the place lately,
and you love to be outside, but like last summer, you are a bug-magnet.
You also love to kick or throw a ball,
and dancing is also a favorite pastime!
We have our summer routine back in place,
so when we get home from work/daycare, it's time for your dinner.
And afterwards it's still light out, so we can go for a long walk
around the neighborhood.
Once we're back home, it's bath time.
You'll typically play for a little longer, then we read.
Your current favorites are
Fred & Ted Like to Fly, a gift from the Chapmans,
and Jesus Loves Me, an Easter present from Lynn & Dewey.
There are lots in the rotation, but those are two newest loves!

Your favorite toy these days is the tractor push toy you got for Easter,
as well as the Infantino Jumbo Shape Sorter... you'll spin it,
and put the shapes in the right place, then dump it out and start again!

A few things that we did this past month included,
Laura & Baker's wedding
a brief visit from the Romero-Alston family

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