Monday, June 9, 2014

Month 19

Happy 19-months!

Seems it's harder and harder to write these posts,
since I lose track of when you started doing all the amazing things you do.
I'll start with this morning...
as we were driving in to work/daycare,
you were in your seat in the backseat, 
tapping your hand on your leg to the beat of the music!
Was this a first? No. 
But it was one more reminder of you growing up and into a little person.
A person who knows what she likes & doesn't like, 
and what music she digs and doesn't dig.
It’s been a busy month around Charleston, with Spoleto & Piccolo Spoleto. 
Both festivals wrapped up this weekend after 17 days and nights 
of opera, theater, dance, music, comedy, and visual arts! 
One of the coolest things about this Spoleto season 
was that Shepard Fairey returned home, 
and spread graffiti all over town to raise hype 
for his current exhibition at the Halsey 
with Jasper Johns, another notable South Carolina artist. 
We haven’t been to the gallery yet, 
but we have seen several of his pieces around town.

Other Spoleto/Piccolo events that we were able to attend
included the Sunset Serenade with the 
Charleston Symphony Orchestra on the Customs House stairs.
We also went to a couple of Chamber Music events at the Dock Street Theater,
as well as Lucinda Williams at the TD Arena. 
We wrapped up the festival at the Piccolo Finale. 
Otherwise, we spent time at various parks around town...
Went to the lake for a weekend...
Took in a Riverdogs Baseball game...
And headed out to the beach to catch a sand-sculpting competition...