Monday, July 7, 2014

Month 20

Happy 20-months!

This post will be a little different, since it's really catching up on where life stands at the moment, but there were also some fun events that we did over the course of the last month! So I'll show the events in pictures (with descriptions under each), and the text will be everyday life...
We gave Brian a rocking camping chair for Father's Day,
and part of his surprise was also this rocker for Matilda!
Some things around here are getting much easier, and others are getting harder!
Father's Day weekend, we went to Cherokee, NC
to see our favorite comedian Jim Gaffigan!
Morning Routine = Good
Wake up = Simple
Some mornings we have to wake you up, other mornings you are sitting in your crib babbling to the walls. And you always get excited when the door opens and we come in to greet you. You'll dance around the crib, hide your face in the mattress, or stretch your arms upward to reach for us.
The girls all spent the night with Onnie & Papa,
while we were in Cherokee!
Breakfast = easy
Your daddy usually already has breakfast ready for you before you get up (as well as coffee for mommy). Oatmeal or grits, and some sort of fruit are your staples.
Brian went on a 4-day bicycle trip with his dad
& friend Randy to Virginia!
Getting dressed = alright
You are usually distracted enough with a book or a toy, to get your pj's off and your clothes on. Shoes are pretty much your favorite thing ever.
Matilda & Emory hanging out in Santee
Pool time in Santee
Getting out the door = easy
It's getting you in the car that's a struggle. You'd much rather explore the yard, the neighbor's yard, or the sidewalk, than have anything to do with getting in your seat.
Enjoying the pontoon with Granddaddy!
Car ride to school/work = Fine
You enjoy the car for short periods of time, so the mornings are pretty good. Usually you'll look at books, admire the scenery, or tap your leg to the beat of the music.
Matilda wondering how Daddy's bicycle ride is going.
Daycare Drop-off = So-so
Getting in the building is no problem at all. Saying goodbye can go either way... usually there's a hand-off involved, as well as distraction tactics. 
Girl loves to eat, and thankfully fruit is high on her list of likes!
Evening Routine = Harder
I have to clarify... if we stick to our routine, things are pretty smooth, but if there's some other agenda we may be rocking the boat.
Papa & Nonna came to Charleston for a few days,
and we enjoyed going to see the Riverdogs play!
Which brings me to the hardest part of this stage in your life: eating out. 
You don't want to sit in your highchair, you are too distracted to eat your food, and you want to play with absolutely everything on the table. Oh how I miss the days of you laying in your carrier, staring at the ceiling! Of course those were also the days when you weren't sleeping through the night, you didn't run across the room and give us big bear hugs, and you couldn't communicate worth a flip, so we'll stop complaining about this stage and just eat in instead! 
A favorite pastime is hanging out at Hampton Park,
feeding the ducks!
Dinner = Struggle
Patience is not your strongest virtue (frankly, you get this trait pretty honestly). You pretty much scream the whole time I'm preparing your food, and then when you are done, you are crying for "MORE". You would eat 24/7 if we'd let you.
Matilda was ready to root on the US Men's National Team
 in the World Cup against Belgium. Too bad we lost.
Bath time = Relatively Easy
After our evening walk, you'll jump out of the stroller and run to the bathroom for bath time. You'll usually play, and I'll bathe you, and you'll beg for your toothbrush. It's pretty awesome. Really you just like the taste of the toothpaste, but I'll take it! 
To celebrate America for the 4th of July,
we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Santi's!
Bed time = Pretty Awesome (knock on wood)
We read a book, or two, or three, or four, and lately, I'll say "Are you sleepy?" (nods head yes),
"Do you want to go to bed?" (goes running into nursery, reaching up to crib). I lay you down, you curl up, and off to sleep you go! I am amazed every.single.time. Although I must say that enjoy the nights where you still want to be rocked as well!
July 4th, all dressed up with nowhere to go!
Night-night, then get ready to do it all again tomorrow!
Celebrating at her friend Elizabeth's 2nd birthday pool party,
Matilda's favorite part was the cake!

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