Friday, November 7, 2014

2nd birthday, letter to my daughter

Dear sweet girl,

Oh what a year it has been, full of changes for us all. Thank you for rolling with the punches. In just the last few months we've moved and taken you from the only caregivers you'd ever known, the first friends you'd ever had, and the only house you'd ever called home. But through it all, we've been together, and it's been scary and exciting and emotional. Ultimately, we did it for you, but in the end it may have saved us all. Because afterall, we are all closer to family and that's the best gift of it all. We miss our fair city and friends and memories of the place we were before, but we've already made room for new memories and friends and cities to get to know.

And you, you've become a little girl. Since your last birthday, you are walking, running, climbing, and exploring! Talking and talking back. You have opinions! You are pretty fearless, although with some hesitation. You are learning and growing. You want. You need. You still cuddle. You make me smile every hour of every day just by your very existence.


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