Sunday, August 9, 2015


We went on our annual family beach vacation this past week, and before we left we were tasked with moving absolutely everything out of the kitchen so that demo could begin while we were gone. In my first post back, I talked about this, having to remove appliances, clean out all the cabinets, and remove everything from the walls and countertops. We packed everything up, and moved into our laundry room and garage, in anticipation of construction starting while we were gone.

I must admit that I was a little skeptical of how much would actually get done in the 4 days we were gone, and I was pleasantly surprised! It was exciting to come home to progress! Now let's get down to some "before and after current" photos!

Another thing that I was very happy with was how clean they left the space. There is dust, of course, but the actual construction zone is surprisingly clean!

 And from the other direction....

They also put up a nice plastic buffer around the construction zone to minimize the amount of dust flying around the rest of the house. Here is the view from the living room, now that we are opening up the wall between the kitchen and this space...

You can already see more light coming through!


  1. cool... can't wait to see. you have the same quarry tile that I have at my house. I hate mine. are you taking it up or leaving it. Let me know what you are planning to do and how.
    I want to come visit :)

    1. Hey Angie! The flooring is a terra cotta tile. We thought it was original to the house, but after pulling it up in some spots, there appears to be layers of hardwood, VCT, and even a different tile in spots. We had originally planned to leave it, but because it was cut out around the cabinets (and some of the footprint of cabinetry is changing), we decided to remove it. Most likely we will be installing a floating cork floor, but now it's a matter of narrowing down a pattern and color. And yes, you should totally come visit!!! Please!