Thursday, August 6, 2015


Our first project in the new house was to remove wallpaper! After looking at a lot of houses, we realize how lucky we were to have only ended up with wallpaper in 2 rooms, and they were two of the smallest rooms in the house! Two of the three bathrooms.

We have plans down the road to completely renovate the most public of the bathrooms, which is directly off the living space, although for now the kitchen is the biggest priority, so this is taking a backseat.

In the meantime, though, getting rid of the wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint were easy cosmetic fixes.

Here's a photo of bathroom #1 when we first closed on the house.

Not only is there a mustard yellow sink, but the shower is olive green. That's about the only color that was in the room though, so once the wallpaper was down, I knew I wanted a calming color. This is the bathroom that I use every morning to get ready, as it's directly across from my closet (even though it's at the opposite end of the house from our bedroom.

We had paint from our previous house that I loved, Sherwin Williams Window Pane, and I felt that it would be a calming way to start my day each morning. But I also wanted to add a little bit of vibrancy, hence the orange shower curtain (also from our previous house). Amazing the difference a little paint can make!

Another easy fix in this room was to replace the old toilet with a dual-flush model. It looks better, and is more efficient. Win-win. Other changes we hope to eventually make are to replace the vanity (especially the sink), replace the floor, remove the shower, and possibly replace, although not really necessary in this room. We shall see.

As for the other bathroom, all we did was remove the wallpaper, and give it a coat of white paint, so as not to clash with the original green tile, which we really like! Eventually I'd like to switch out the toilet for another dual-flush, but we are waiting to get through some other projects first.

Here's the bathroom in it's original state:

And the after, after a fresh coat of paint, and some accessories!

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