Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 2: Kitchen Renova[tion]

We've survived 2 weeks!

Week 2 began with some exciting happenings, like a header tucked into the ceiling structure to really open up the two separate rooms of the kitchen, and make them feel like one big room. As well as framing out wing walls to catch the end of cabinetry, the framing for the pantry, and further opening up of the foyer through removal of a door and widening of that opening. All visible progress. Below are a few pics of the new foyer openings.
One snafu that is pretty huge and unfortunate is that a discovery was made after the existing plumbing was removed, and that is that some of the structural support surrounding the concrete slab of the newer part of the kitchen is rotted, and will most certainly need to be replaced. You can see in the photo below where they have started to demo some of the concrete slab to expose the rotted wood.

This brought construction to a screeching halt, and therefore not much work has been done the last few days. We met Mike on-site Monday to review our options, and then he went back to gather pricing for us to make a decision.

Our options were:

A) remove the concrete slab that was in the secondary part of the kitchen, and replace rotted support beams from the interior of the house; cons: labor intensive; pros: allows the floor in the 2 parts of the kitchen to be level, whereas before we were building one up to meet the other, and provides an opportunity to run mechanical ductwork under the floor and into that part of the kitchen and pantry.

B) move the wall of boxes that are currently being stored in our garage (in the exact place that we need to access, demo the floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving and a closet in the garage, demo the built-in desk and shelving in our laundry room, as well as the walls and most likely floors of those rooms in order to access the kitchen from the outside; cons: lots of moving and shifting, losing valuable storage space in the garage, losing our temporary kitchen/future office; pros: it’s hard for me to see any pros actually.

So after the contractor priced it all, we went with Option A. Stay tuned... 

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