Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 8: Kitchen Renova[tion]

I am SO excited to share this week's update with you all, since it feels like a new dawn in our house! Finally, the plastic bubble around the kitchen is down, which means we can walk freely through the home, without detours through the playroom and garage! 

The highlight so far is paint on the walls and trim, which really has more to do with the living room than the kitchen! Although the kitchen has also been painted, it's white, which is EXACTLY what we wanted to offset the future tile backsplash that will be installed. It's just not that exciting to see the white walls by themselves. However, the den on the other hand, is a rich blue with white trim, that is such an improvement over the cream walls, cream trim, and cream ceiling that were there before. And as of today, the hallway to the bedrooms has also been painted a neutral grey with white trim. The house has always had an underlying dirty feeling, mainly because of the creamy paint color. Things are starting to feel fresh again! 

Also today, Brandon started installing the cabinets, and they are gorgeous! He has all of the base cabinets in, although not all are in place yet. There is a lot of leveling and tweaking that needs to be done, but it is so awesome to see the room starting to take shape!

The paint colors are all Sherwin Williams... 

HGTV Tree Swallow (living room)
Mindful Gray (hallway)
Snowbound (kitchen)

We also inherited my great Aunt Stella's piano over the weekend, as she moves into a new home soon, and won't be able to take it with her. We are so excited, although currently none of us know how to play piano. Someone's gonna have to learn!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 33: Baby Construc[tion]

How far along? 33 weeks

How big is baby? According to my "what to expect" app, he's about the size of a honeydew melon... so about 4 1/2 lbs! 

Cravings? hmm... not much of anything, except anything with caffeine in it, which I totally shouldn't be having... coke, tea, coffee. 

Sleep? Still uncomfortable and waking a lot in the night. The caffeine probably doesn't help!

Updates? At my last appointment, I had a non-stress test (NST), where they measure the baby's heart rate in relation to his movements, as well as whether or not I'm having any contractions. The doctor said we got an A+ on the test, and that my weight, blood pressure, etc are all looking good! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 7: Kitchen Renova[tion]

We are still slow-going, but hopefully once the cabinets start going in, things will kick into high gear (which could potentially be this next week)!  One thing that was done early in the week was the sub-floor was put in, to level out the floor for the new cork that will be installed soon. The flooring has been delivered, which is also exciting! However, no floor until after cabinets are installed.

 As of this point, we have decided on the stain color for our cabinets after meeting with Dave the stain guy, once again this past Friday. Only this time Brian and I both went... 

And we made a few other decisions as well, including paint color for the kitchen and foyer (with help/encouragement from Dave above), as well as a color for the living room, which they should be quoting us a price on soon. We chose a drawer/door pulls for the cabinets as well!

Our carpenter Andy has also been hard at work on finishing out the trim. 

 And Brian has ordered door hardware for our front door, and we hope to purchase a new light fixture for the foyer soon! My apologies for the crappy cell phone pics. No time to set up the good camera equipment this week!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 32: Baby Construc[tion]

To make things really confusing, there’s something else that's been ‘under construction’, and that’s this little boy that’s joining our family in November! So here’s my new goal… to update everyone on my pregnancy week-to-week, especially since we are down to single digits! Less than 8 weeks to go!

How far along? 32 weeks

How big is baby? As of last Thursday, he was weighing in at approximately 3 lbs 13 oz.

Cravings? MILKSHAKES!!! And guacamole. 

Sleep? Uncomfortable, with lots of waking to pee and occasional painful leg cramps.

Updates? At our last appointment, we had an ultrasound, and little man had his hands in his mouth, so we weren't able to get a good look at his face or his profile. We did manage to get yet another angle of his feet, which it seems is always the highlight of the show! 

My apologies for the poor quality photos, cell phone and bad lighting = bad. But hey, at least there are selfies, right? Anything is better than nothing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 6: Kitchen Renova[tion]

The beginning of the week was a continuation of mudding, taping, and sanding. Things are definitely starting to take shape! A base coat of paint went on today. Here are our most recent photos...

With things drying inside, the contractor was able to move to the outside on Friday, patching the hole that was left by the exterior door with cedar shakes to match the existing siding. Not only did they patch the wall, but also replaced several siding pieces along the wall of the garage doors where squirrels had eaten them away. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see they had gone above and beyond to replace pieces that were damaged on other parts of the house! Seeing the bare cedar caused us to wish none of it was painted! The wood is so beautiful, and smells divine.

infilled door, closing in our new pantry
replacement pieces where squirrels had damaged the siding previously,
beyond you can see our entry courtyard makes for a great staging space

Saturday we met with Brandon (of Progressive Cabinets) to go through the drawings one last time before he begins cutting them! So happy that he shares the same attention to detail that we have, and has really made our project his own. Can't wait to see what the final outcome looks like!

A few other happenings this week, that I didn't document with photography, but are still worthy of mentioning:
  1. The plumber replaced more of the piping towards the rear of the house, and got our only bathtub working again! Which means we don't have to keep going to my sister's house to bathe our daughter! The room is however still a wreck, since the linen closet had to be emptied to access the pipes. That also means there is a giant hole in the linen closet, still waiting for drywall replacement. Until then, the entire contents of the closet are piled around the bathroom (which I truly should take a picture of, since it's hard to believe that ALL of that junk fits in that closet!). 
  2. The sink in our temporary kitchen (aka the laundry room) has had a terrible leak since we are using it more these days, and my dear husband replaced the faucet! I seriously thought that the drip, drip, drip was going to drive me insane. So his efforts are much appreciated!! 
The faucet for the kitchen sink arrived this week, and the sink arrived today! And lastly, the flooring has been ordered! The floor is Capri Floats: Eco-Clicks in Plains Dark Grey in 15x24 planks...

Now we need to shift our focus to cabinet hardware and paint colors!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 5: Kitchen Renova[tion]

The insulation was completed early in the week, along with some minor moves to electrical switches, outlets, and light sockets. And while the electrician was there, he got our overhead lights back on in the back of house, which we’ve been without for a few weeks now. Not fun showering in the dark!

They started the drywall on Friday, and came back to finish hanging it on Saturday. It took a little longer than expected, since they were trying to get the ceiling flush with the living room ceiling which is plaster.

Today they mudded and taped most of the drywall, so things are continuing to move along. Here are a few views of the foyer as well... 

As for Brian and I, he went on Friday to see the “stain guy” to try to get the color right for the cabinets. Not too orange, not too yellow, not too dark, not too light… kind of, sort of a honey color?

We also made a trip to Clayton Tile on Tuesday to order the tile backsplash! We went with the Crossville RetroActive Porcelain Stone in Seabreeze, in a 3 x 12 size. 

Also, a very happy 2nd birthday to our niece Emory! We had so much fun celebrating at a new favorite Mexican restaurant tonight! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 4: Kitchen Renova[tion]

Week 4 came and went, and there’s not a whole lot to see, mostly because the work that has been completed this week is kind of ‘behind the scenes’ if you will… mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. They did manage to remove all of the old insulation, which I honestly thought would be staying in place, but I guess it’s harder to patch insulation in place, especially when you are working with blown-in, but installing rolled. With the rotted wood replaced and new plumbing and electrical going in, there were several patches that needed to be filled with insulation, which it appears is easier to just start from scratch.
Since there’s not much else to talk about this week in terms of kitchen reno, it’s probably a good time to say that because the work started on a Wednesday, I’ve been doing my weekly wrap-ups on Wednesdays (if you hadn’t noticed!). So although that may be confusing, it’s just an easier way for me to keep track of what our timeline truly is.