Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 4: Kitchen Renova[tion]

Week 4 came and went, and there’s not a whole lot to see, mostly because the work that has been completed this week is kind of ‘behind the scenes’ if you will… mechanical, plumbing, and electrical. They did manage to remove all of the old insulation, which I honestly thought would be staying in place, but I guess it’s harder to patch insulation in place, especially when you are working with blown-in, but installing rolled. With the rotted wood replaced and new plumbing and electrical going in, there were several patches that needed to be filled with insulation, which it appears is easier to just start from scratch.
Since there’s not much else to talk about this week in terms of kitchen reno, it’s probably a good time to say that because the work started on a Wednesday, I’ve been doing my weekly wrap-ups on Wednesdays (if you hadn’t noticed!). So although that may be confusing, it’s just an easier way for me to keep track of what our timeline truly is.

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