Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 7: Kitchen Renova[tion]

We are still slow-going, but hopefully once the cabinets start going in, things will kick into high gear (which could potentially be this next week)!  One thing that was done early in the week was the sub-floor was put in, to level out the floor for the new cork that will be installed soon. The flooring has been delivered, which is also exciting! However, no floor until after cabinets are installed.

 As of this point, we have decided on the stain color for our cabinets after meeting with Dave the stain guy, once again this past Friday. Only this time Brian and I both went... 

And we made a few other decisions as well, including paint color for the kitchen and foyer (with help/encouragement from Dave above), as well as a color for the living room, which they should be quoting us a price on soon. We chose a drawer/door pulls for the cabinets as well!

Our carpenter Andy has also been hard at work on finishing out the trim. 

 And Brian has ordered door hardware for our front door, and we hope to purchase a new light fixture for the foyer soon! My apologies for the crappy cell phone pics. No time to set up the good camera equipment this week!

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