Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 8: Kitchen Renova[tion]

I am SO excited to share this week's update with you all, since it feels like a new dawn in our house! Finally, the plastic bubble around the kitchen is down, which means we can walk freely through the home, without detours through the playroom and garage! 

The highlight so far is paint on the walls and trim, which really has more to do with the living room than the kitchen! Although the kitchen has also been painted, it's white, which is EXACTLY what we wanted to offset the future tile backsplash that will be installed. It's just not that exciting to see the white walls by themselves. However, the den on the other hand, is a rich blue with white trim, that is such an improvement over the cream walls, cream trim, and cream ceiling that were there before. And as of today, the hallway to the bedrooms has also been painted a neutral grey with white trim. The house has always had an underlying dirty feeling, mainly because of the creamy paint color. Things are starting to feel fresh again! 

Also today, Brandon started installing the cabinets, and they are gorgeous! He has all of the base cabinets in, although not all are in place yet. There is a lot of leveling and tweaking that needs to be done, but it is so awesome to see the room starting to take shape!

The paint colors are all Sherwin Williams... 

HGTV Tree Swallow (living room)
Mindful Gray (hallway)
Snowbound (kitchen)

We also inherited my great Aunt Stella's piano over the weekend, as she moves into a new home soon, and won't be able to take it with her. We are so excited, although currently none of us know how to play piano. Someone's gonna have to learn!

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