Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 35: Baby Construc[tion]

How far along? 35 weeks

How big is baby? According to my "what to expect" app, he's about the size of a canary melon? Or about 5-1/2 pounds.  

Cravings? Today it was the tuna avocado melt at Converse Deli, although I'm also craving hearty stews at the moment. 

Sleep? Not good at all. I'm exhausted.

Updates? Today is the first time I've been uncomfortable all day. Starting to feel some swelling in my legs and feet, as well as heartburn and just achy for the most part. Not to complain though because I'm certainly not ready for the baby to come, especially with our construction progress!

Also, our firm had a baby shower for us this past Friday, and we were so overwhelmed by their generosity! There was delicious food and a fun celebration! Because it was a Baby-Q, they went with the "space cowboy" theme to play off the space decor in the nursery.

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