Monday, April 7, 2014

Month 17 (post-dated 2 weeks late!)

Happy 17-months!

So, while you aren't saying a whole lot of words yet,
here's something kinda cool... you know sign language!
Well, you know one word, which happens to be 
one of the only words you actually know how to verbalize as well. 
MORE. Yes, you say and sign "more" at the same time. 
For emphasis, I guess! 

Although I swear you also say 'thank you'. 
But it sounds more like 'ainh ooh'. 
Regardless, I always say 'your welcome'... just in case! 

You'll also shake your head 'yes' or 'no' depending on your answer for things, 
which is also a recent development. And of course, there's lots of pointing. 

And you love giving hugs! 
You'll come running across the room and throw your arms around my leg, 
and then you'll run to daddy, and throw your arms around his leg, 
and back and forth, so sweet! 

 You are also wild.
I say this because it seems like it's only been the past week,
that you've been crazy wild.
If you are doing something wrong
(like hanging on a delicate table that holds a lamp & photos)
and I say "no!", you'll look at me and laugh.

And this past weekend (which happened to be my birthday),
you managed to fall several times head first onto the floor,
leaving you with a big fat goose egg on your forehead.
You also scared me to death by falling on the concrete driveway,
while trying to give our family good-bye hugs.
You busted your lip open on that one,
and I wasn't sure you'd ever stop bleeding.
Poor girl, you looked like you had been in quite the fight.

But you've survived, a little bruised, but happy!

Other things that happened this month...
Daddy and I went to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 
at the Charleston Music Hall.

We went to the first Charleston Battery game of the season!

We auditioned for the Family Feud while they were in Charleston. 
We won't know if we made it for a few more weeks now. 

As for my birthday, we traveled up to Tryon, NC 
on Saturday night for my bday dinner at CARO-Mi!
So fun!

And mom made a delicious carrot cake!

Friday, April 4, 2014


When we got our bedroom furniture way back when, we didn't think the room could handle two of the bedside tables that we liked, so we only ordered one, and felt like a smaller table that we already had would suffice for the other side of the bed. 

However, when the time came for the furniture store to close, we thought it might be our last chance to complete the set, and order that second bedside table!

And we also realized that the room could probably handle the larger size.

Originally, since Brian's side of the bed is visible from pretty much the whole house, guess who got the matching 'bedside chest'/aka-nightstand?

I may have been slightly jealous at first, but it truly was not a big deal. I had my shelves, and managed to stack them with unnecessary books and magazines, and crammed the top with a lamp and little basket to hold my essentials that would have been better suited for a drawer.

So yet again, this is a teeny-tiny update, that is a major change to my world! I can tuck things into drawers, I have my own nifty-pull-out-tray, and there's plenty of space on top for my lamp and anything else I so desire. And now we have matching nightstands that really complete the set.

By the way, the bedroom suit is the Gathering House Collection by Kincaid for those of you who are curious! We have the Mule Chest with the Tilted Mirror, the Five Drawer Chest, 2 Bedside Chests, and the queen-sized Pencil Poster Bed along with the Bed Steps (both the bed and steps appear to be discontinued). Solid wood, cherry finish. 

Friday, March 28, 2014


Another new update to the house!

On a recent visit to Charleston, Brian's dad brought us a china cabinet that was 'leftover' from the furniture store. We were thrilled to take it off his hands!

The funny thing is that it looks very similar to our master bedroom furniture, although it's not the same manufacturer oddly enough. I couldn't wait to fill it with our inherited fine china, as well as a few other pieces that we are happy to have on display! The storage below is much-needed also.

Even though it fits perfectly on one wall of the room, it did require some rearranging of the rest of the space! We lived with it for a few days as is, but then in an effort to improve the flow through the room, we tried rotating the table, chairs, and rug by 90 degrees.

Once the table was rotated, it seemed there were still some problem areas, so we shifted the glass cabinet to the opposite wall of it's corner.

Then we had to find a new home base for the highchair, which displaced one of the Risom chairs to the bedroom!

The room still feels a little off-balance to me, but it would require finding a new piece of furniture for the dining room, which we don't have the money or energy for at the moment.

For reference, here's a shot of the room before... 

And way back when the wall was still there...

Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello family & friends!

So you may have noticed a few updates around here! I decided to spiff up the blog a little bit, make a few changes with the help of Crafty Lil Fox, who I found on Etsy! It's definitely going to take some getting used to on my part, but so far I'm digging the cleanliness of it all. 

Also, in an effort to keep this whole blog thing going, I'm going to *try* to write at least once a week! Not necessarily a long, drawn-out, here's-what's-been-happening-the-past-week post, but rather small updates here and there that we may have forgotten to touch on along the way. 

So without further ado, here's a little update that we made over 2 months ago!!

You may remember our original rug in the living room, when we moved into the house. I picked it out at World Market, and my mom bought it as a house-warming present! I loved it, However, it was a shag carpet, and was white/off-white, and we quickly learned that it was impossible to clean since you couldn't actually vacuum it. It had to be swept... and with 2 cats at the time, and lots of foot-traffic through the space, it ultimately did not survive. So sad. 

I won't go into great detail about what actually happened to the rug, only to say that there was a cat involved, and the rug's departure was rather rushed. In an effort to get something on the floor, we moved the rug from the guest bedroom into the living room as a 'temporary fix'. This was almost 2 years ago. 

The problem with the 'new' rug from the guest bedroom was that it didn't really match the decor, and it still posed the same problem as the original rug, which was the size. We quickly realized that the rug was way too small for the room. Especially with a little one who likes to play in the main living space of our home, we needed something bigger that would fill the room more appropriately. Well, my friends, rugs are expensive!

But rugs on RugsUSA are not too terribly expensive, especially when they are 70% off + free shipping! When I discovered those two little facts, I was all about it! So that's when we ordered our new rug!

Honestly, we couldn't be happier! It's still in the shedding phase... no matter how much I vacuum it, it sheds like crazy, but it feels so crisp and clean, and HUGE! So there you have it, a little update that makes a world of difference! Have a great weekend and happy Spring!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Month 16

Happy 16-months!
And a very happy 5th birthday to Ellie!
We celebrated last weekend at her "Frozen" party!
At "Pump It Up", a very cool jumping/climbing/sliding place.

And Daddy's birthday is tomorrow, so happy birthday to him!
And a happy birthday to Aunt KK as well!
Sheesh... that's a lot of celebrating!

We also celebrated Papa's Retirement, Valentine's Day,
 and Mardi Gras since the last post!

We've taken two road trips... one to Monroe and one to Spartanburg,
where you channeled the drummer from Poison...

chilled out in a miniature recliner...

and took a spin in your old bouncy seat...

We also had a visit from Onnie!

Daddy and I had a Parent's Night Out, thanks to daycare,
and we went to Bowen's Island for some delicious oysters.

Hallelujah, Matilda's walking!
It finally happened on a recent trip to Georgia,
being around all your big cousins got you motivated, I guess!
You are definitely on the move, and there's no more crawling.

You are growing up my girl!
Drinking strictly out of sippy cups now,
no more bottles.

Now my concern shifts to talking.
You've started saying a few more things here and there.
"more" and "uh oh" are still your favorite words,
but there are others thrown into the mix, like
"kitty", "deer", "duck", along with your usual "guh"...
which can mean anything from girl to yogurt.

Also, when you eat, you'll sometimes do this
funny little "oh well/all gone" move after each bite...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Month 15

Happy 15-months!
Or as your daddy said this morning... year and a quarter!

Things are starting to run together these days,
and I can't really keep up with when you started to do something, 
since one thing seems to evolve into another, 
but just know that this is 'about' the time that you started to (fill in blank here).

Like when I point to a photo of say 7 people
and say "where's Onnie?", you'll point to Onnie.

One inherited trait (from me no doubt) is that you laugh if someone gets hurt.
For me it's more of a nervous reaction, but for you there seems to be pure joy.
Maybe this is why cartoons always use torture to entertain
because kids don't know that a giant anvil falling on your head would actually kill you. 
My point is that if we say "ow...", you laugh and laugh.
Your daddy of course plays into this with games like
'hit the head with a door', or 'slap himself in the face', or 'run into a wall',
and you literally fall down laughing.

 The last month has been somewhat rough with teething really starting to kick in.
You even had a fever for a few days, mixed with some sleeplessness,
that in the end we could only attribute to teething,
or possibly a head-cold (that was also probably due to teething).
As for teeth, you have 4 now, all on the bottom!
It looks as if your lateral incisors are coming in up top,
but not your central incisors?

And a milestone that EVERYONE seems to be curious about...
"Is she walking yet?"
Well, she was.
I have it on video and everything!
And then, no. You just stopped.
But for now, I'm content that you still want to hold my hand,
so you just take your sweet time, my girl!

You also had your first Snow Day!
Yep, your school was closed due to ice.
We didn't even attempt to get photos though
because there was absolutely nothing pretty to look at in our yard.

Oh, and something to make my sister happy,
there is lots of bow-wearing going on!
Hair seems out of control, so have to tame it somehow!

UPDATE: You had your 15-month well-check, and your stats are as follows...
24lbs 4oz (which is the 70th percentile), and height at 33in (95th percentile!), and head circumference of 18.5in (80th percentile)... you are tall, for sure! 

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